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BDK Citrus Riviera 3.4oz


BDK Citrus Riviera 3.4oz

I purchased this brand new from an authorized retailer in 2022. Tested a few sprays (approximately 8). Authentic. Almost brand new. No box included. I ship the next day within post office hours.


BDK Citrus Riviera 3.4oz

Baby Bumbo Seat with Tray Complete set of Wen Sweet Almond Mint products
carolynpoole85 5
Super cute and great size files, I printed mine as 8x10 and the picture is crisp and super clear.

reimersteph 5
Angels are very cute and unique. Very pleased

nataliesjunk 2
I am very disappointed in the content of this download. The details lists a “two page spread” for each park, and 7 bonus dotted pages. Well half of the pages are just dots! Why would I need bonus pages of that?! There is ONE page for each park and then a dotted page for each park. If I had known this before I would have bought the $4 printable that actually had 2 pages to write info for each park. I liked the look/font of this one better, and thought the 2nd page, that wasnt shown, for now obvious reasons, would have room for even more info. As a side note- if you do buy this and print it out yourself make sure your printer can handle the job. A reviewer on one of the printable versions mentioned they used cardstock. I wasted a lot of paper and ink finding out mine will only print on the thinnest cardstock.

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?? ? 5
Awesome Quality and Lovely Mood

Citrus Riviera by BDK Parfums | Krystal FragranceCitrus Riviera by BDK Parfums | Krystal Fragrance
Snuggle Me Organic Newborn Pillow Kristen Ess Titanium 2” Curling Iron Redline Over the door mini basketball hoop

News! Quality, beyond.

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Oda Cutlery Set

Ergonomic and well-balanced cutlery developed for optimal grip. The cutlery set comes in a pleasant storage box that contains cutlery for 6 people, respectively knives, forks, tablespoons and teaspoons. The cutlery has a matt satin finish.

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Ramona turns 40 and we celebrate with news!

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News! Cutlery bag for serving cutlery

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Cutlery bag for serving cutlery



Cutlery bag


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Cutlery bag



Strength Cutlery set



Steak knife



Dinner knife


Hardanger Bestikk has over time created quality cutlery to make the atmosphere during small and large dining occasions very special. With a variety of complete cutlery sets, you get a design that suits your personal style.

Odd Leikvoll - Founder

At the end of the 1950s’, 26 year old Odd Leikvold follows his heart and moves from Bergen to the small town of Kinsarvik, at the very heart of Hardangerfjorden. This marks the beginning of the adventure Hardanger Bestikk.

Rune Leikvoll - Second generation

We love what we do. After all, it’s part of our everyday life as a family. We talk cutlery at any hour of the day. And all our series are named after the girls in the family. It’s important to us to show that we’re a family and where we come from,

Cutlery series

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